TholiPrema Movie Review

Tholi Prema Review
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Aditya (Varun Tej) falls head over heels for Varsha (Raashi Khanna) upon meeting her accidentally at a railway station. Even Varsha have a positive impression on Aditya. Later, They both join the same college & their bonding gets stronger. At the time when everything was happening so smoothly, A clash leads to their break-up and they both move on from that phase. Finally, These Ex-Lovers meet after a gap of six years. Watch 'Tholi Prema' to know what's the reason behind their separation and how did they unite again!


Intense Love Stories haven't been preferred by Filmmakers in the past decade or so due to drastic change in the mindset of People. Present-Day Youth mayn't receive concepts based on 'First Love' and 'Pure Love' so well. This is why not many Love Stories have been releasing since few years.

Movie Lovers treat Pawan Kalyan's 'Tholi Prema' like a classic even Today why because they are able to connect with the genuine emotions. Still, Varun Tej dared to choose the same title and he wouldn't regret doing so even after the release. This Venky Atluri-directorial is a rare film but that doesn't mean it doesn't have any flaws. Ultimately, People walk out of theatres with a feeling of watching a heart-touching Love Story. This movie has got its own speciality though comparisons can't be drawn with PK's Tholi Prema.    

Actually, The story of 'Tholi Prema' isn't new at all. We have seen the love-hate-patch up concept in plenty of films including 'Fidaa' & 'Oohalu Gusagusalaade' in the past. Still, Novelty in presentation & feel-good factor does the trick. Lead Pair has done a terrific job in their respective roles and they could always be proud of their priceless contributions. Music & Camera Work has just elevated the impact to the next level.

First Half of 'Tholi Prema' is thoroughly impressive. The romance & break-up scene was handled very well. On the flip side, Second Half appears a tad too routine and audience could easily guess what's gonna happen next. Whereas, No outright boring sequences could be found though there is a bit of lag. Once again, Good feel has been generated in Climax to compensate the shortcomings. Overall, 'Tholi Prema' is a must-watch for those who embrace love stories. Releasing such a feel-good movie ahead of Valentine's Day gonna pay off well.


Technicians stood as a backbone for 'Tholi Prema' by working in tandem. Thaman's Music and George C.Williams Camera Work are simply marvelous. All the songs have been refreshing and even BGM is superb. Cinematography created the required mood for love story with his expertise. Production Values are awesome. Venky Atluri makes a promising debut. The freshness audience expect from a debutante could be seen in 'Tholi Prema'. He left a mark of his own in designing the roles of lead pair and making the proceedings enjoyable. A lot of effort has gone into the script work & it did pay off well. Of course, Second Half could have been slightly different. Overall, Venky Atluri creates a good impact.


Feel The Fragrance of First Love!