GANG Movie Review

  • Movie: GANG
  • Cast: Suriya , Keerty Suresh, Ramya Krishnan
  • Music: Anirudh Ravichandran
  • Director: Vignesh Shivn


Based on the real events that occurred in 1980s, GANG is about a group of conmen who posed as CBI officers & did daring heists across the country through fake raids. In the film, Gangadhar Tilak (Suriya) heads the group, which includes his right hand woman, Ramya Krishnan, & others. The group targets rich businessmen & corrupt ministers. The fear of a bad reputation ensures that these victims never file FIRs against the group. However, the law tends to catch up with them soon enough, led by a very strict officer, played by Karthik. What happens when he plans to nab the gang right when they are executing their one last heist at a jewelry store is the film all about.


Suriya, after having played a series of serious roles, gets to play a rather active & energetic role in this film. He is more charming than ever. Though his character is fights against corruption, here the methods are different, the treatment is very light hearted. Not to mention he dubbed for his character in the film which turns out very much authentic. He should often dub for his films from now on.

Ramya Krishna plays the next important character in the film which surprises us. Unlike the over-expressive roles she is usually asked to play, this one is a vulnerable character to which she adds a lot of elegance. The other gang members does their comical part well but the kind of comedy is unappealing to Telugu audience.

Keerty Suresh plays the love interest of Suriya. Her makeup, hairdo reflects the women in 80s. For a while, it seemed her role had a purpose in the narrative but ends up as a heroine who only comes when the hero has time for romance.

Karthik plays the major challenge for the protagonist, who also surprises in his initial scenes as a menacing police officer but ends up as a standing joke.


The film is said to be an official remake of Special 26, a heist thriller which is inspired by the scandalous events that took place in 1980s. The film generally has the soul of a thriller but the director Vignesh Shivn chooses to give it a rather massy treatment & a bring it down to the commercial equation of Robin hood (Rob from the rich & give it to the poor) But it is definitely not a regular mindless masala movie with leave-your-brain-at-home attitude. It does try to enlighten & throw a satire to (watch out for the counter on Sasikala in the later half) the present day viewer regarding the corruption in employment. It would have been much more effective if the message was given in an underlying manner without sacrificing the thriller element in the film. The film kicks off with fantastic energy & the pace only dips when the backstories of the characters starts flushing out. But the actors collectively put it together almost till the end. The added action stretch after the twist is revealed does a disservice to if not enjoyable film till then. The change of orientation seems to have worked for few things but also lets down the tension especially in the climax portion.


The music in the film keeps up the energy of the film. “Chitika Vese” song is a well choreographed massy number which is a delight to watch & it is used in background in many places. The background music is brilliant especially when it tries to replicate that particular era. The cinematography, vintage set design, vibrant colors enrich the experience of watching a period film.


GANG is mostly enjoyable but it sacrifices its tense moments & soul of its original a little in the process of being righteous. But Suriya’s charming act wins you over & makes it up for a decent watch in this holiday season.

 తెలుగులో చెప్పాలంటే – సూర్య మెప్పించాడు. ఈ సంక్రాంతికి చూడదగ్గ సినిమా!