Agnyathavasi Movie Review

Agnyaathavaasi Movie Review - 2.75 ( Enthusiasm in Exile)
  • Movie: Agnyathavasi
  • Producers: RADHA KRISHNA
  • Director: TRIVIKRAM


A business tycoon named Vindha is murdered & his son in exile, Abhishikth Bharghav is set out to find the culprits behind the conspiracy. He enters into his office as an employee, Bala Subramanyam. How he finds the father’s killers & how he becomes the CEO of the company is the film all about.


The powerful introduction of Abhishikth Bhargav raises a lot of expectations on the progression of the character. But after a few minutes into the film, his character loses purpose & indulges into unnecessary humor. That’s the reason the seriousness is diluted & we cannot connect to the character emotionally. Pawan Kalyan looks classy in his attire & performs the action sequences with zeal. But his body language & mannerisms look very repetitive and almost eccentric.

The characters of Rao Ramesh, Murali Sharma & Raghu Babu are merely used as clowns to generate silly humor at regular intervals without having any interference in driving the story forward.

Anu Emmanuel & Keerty Suresh take the legacy of dumb heroine characterizations of Trivikram films to next level. The scenes involving them with Pawan Kalyan appear silly & logic less. In one scene towards the climax, in the heat of the moment, both heroines hand over weapons to the villain unintentionally. That’s the level of cluelessness of both the heroines in the film.

Kushboo, Boman Irani, Tanikella Bharani gets important & meaningful roles to which they have done complete justice. Aadi impresses as the main villain with his sophisticated body language & right performance.


There’s absolutely no denying from the fact that the basic storyline is taken from a French film called Largo Winch, is an adventurous thriller. Trivikram tried to insert his brand of comedy into this serious subject to make it a wholesome entertainer. The film starts off very well introducing us to the dynasty of AB following the heroic entry of Pawan Kalyan. When he sets out to avenge his father’s death, the film looks like it has something more to offer, a much bigger conspiracy in its underbelly. But once the hero starts to ploy to get into the office as an employee, the film gets into trouble. Shockingly, for the first time ever we tend to feel that the humor of Trivikram is not in good taste & appears forced. The film suffers from inconsistency trying to find its groove till interval. The film lacks a strong back story to its central figure that’s the reason we don’t understand his ideology & cannot feel for the character. Even by the time the film ends, we aren’t completely familiar with the character of Abhishikth Bhargav. Perhaps, Trivikram should’ve chosen an original story line which could compliment his strengths as a writer.


The only elements which make the film bearable is top notch cinematography & the refreshing music. All the songs are class apart but the film fails to provide a better situation or context for the film. The background music is drastically different from what we’ve been accustomed to listening. There is a fusion of classical & western instrumentation which sets up right tone for the film.


There is a line in the film “When you don’t have new ideas, you try to repeat old ones.” Films like Agnyaathavaasi happens when audience are taken for granted. Keep your expectations low before watching the film.

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